The RF IC announced the completion of the investigation Gayzer


2017-01-27 15:15:15




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The RF IC announced the completion of the investigation Gayzer

Moscow, January 27. Investigation of the case against the former head of Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gayzer is completed, said the main Department on investigation of especially important cases of the investigatory Committee of Russia.

According to the RF IC, crimes in Komi Republic was committed by a criminal community, which included the head of Komi Vladimir Torlopov, Alexander Zarubin, Alexander Chernov and Valery Veselov.

the Accused, according to investigators, was engaged in fraud, laundered money, engaged in corruption. The result of their actions the Republic of Komi was damaged in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles. In addition, they have received bribes in the form of 25% of the share capital of OOO "Avtotsentr" (160 million) and 37.5 million rubles.

"it Should be noted that long term of a criminal investigation not connected with a lack of evidence or misunderstanding of the consequence of the circumstances of the crime as it was publicly presented by the defense, noted in SK the Russian Federation. On the contrary, the investigation has long formed a clear understanding and overall picture of the crimes committed".

the Investigation of the main criminal case is ongoing, noted in SK the Russian Federation.

Earlier the court in London sentenced a former employee of the financial group "Discovery" George Urumova


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