Scientists have created a hybrid of man and pig


2017-01-26 23:45:15




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Scientists have created a hybrid of man and pig

Washington, January 26. the Group of experts under the leadership of Juan-Carlos Belmonte Izpisua from California have created an embryo, which is a hybrid of pigs and humans. The results of the experiment published the journal Cell.

human Stem cells are introduced into the embryos of pigs in the early stages of development. Scientists were able to obtain more than two thousand hybrids , hooked sow.

186 embryos transformed into a Chimera, — says the publication.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte from the Institute of biological research Salk in the United States notes that human cells quite organically functioned in the body of a pig.

Experts hope that their research will help in the future to grow the most suitable organs for transplantation in the human body.

Previously, scientists have found in amber.


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