Shoigu noted the talent of the team of KVN of the Tula cadets


2017-01-27 13:30:11




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Shoigu noted the talent of the team of KVN of the Tula cadets

Moscow, January 27. defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on 25 January, attended the final game of KVN among teams of students of pre-University educational institutions of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army.

Among the teams that participate outside of the competition was the team of the Tula cadets "guard of humor." The students successfully performed at the festival of young teams of the Regional League of KVN participated in the district competition of the teams of educational institutions of the defense Ministry in Tula.

"last year, began the work of the Tula Suvorov military school, whose team has already made its debut in the WHC. In 2017, according to the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, will open a branch of the Nakhimov naval school in Murmansk and the presidential cadet Academy in Petrozavodsk," — said the defense Minister.

the Sergei Shoigu at the game also gave the President of the international Union of KVN Alexander Maslyakov, the medal "For strengthening military cooperation".


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