Corrupted 32 the children of Krasnoyarsk recognized psihbolnym


2017-01-27 13:15:28




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Corrupted 32 the children of Krasnoyarsk recognized psihbolnym

Krasnoyarsk, January 27. 26-the summer inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk who committed sexual abuse against 32 children, found a mental illness. In this regard, the court must consider the issue of placing a pedophile in a psychiatric hospital, reported the press-service GSU SK of the Russian Federation in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

According to investigators, Krasnoyarsk from March to September of last year, communicated in the social network "Vkontakte" with the boys and girls accompanying their obscene pictures. Victims of age began as city residents and residents of other Russian regions.

Examination showed that the man was mentally ill, and their criminal actions to realize he can't. In the end, the criminal case against him was referred to the court for the decision on the appointment of the special treatment.


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