Squad "Tsentrospas": Caught in the Moscow river DPS officer acted like a real man


2017-01-27 12:30:26




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the inspector of capital traffic police Alexey Konyaev, before saving the girl from drowning in the Moscow river of the machine, will present the state awards. the Federal news Agency discussed the heroic act of Muscovite with the rescuer of the international class of the squad "Centrospas" of EMERCOM of Russia Constantine Gavrilov.

About rewarding the inspector said the official representative of the Ministry of interior Irina the Wolf. Recall that the accident occurred yesterday evening on the Rostov quay in Khamovniki. Car brand Subaru Forester, registered in the Ryazan region, fell into the river.

At the wheel foreign cars there was a girl misleading .

On arrival at the scene of the police car one of the inspectors without waiting for rescuers rushed to the aid of the victim in ice water.

According to the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf, inspector "with a piece of ice smashed the rear window of the sinking of the cars and pulled the female driver out of the car". She added that his colleagues and assembled on-site emergency witnesses with the help of a tow rope helped the victim and her Savior to get to shore. Cold and wet the woman was transferred to physicians.

The hero also was admitted "General hypothermia and frostbite of both hands".

According to Konstantin Gavrilov, any rescue service arrives at the emergency place in five to seven minutes, if no traffic jams.

"In Moscow tube is usually catastrophic. Especially if it's waterfront, then most likely, there is a one-way street, and that also complicates the entrance. If such accident happens, the cork can not be avoided — before the accident scene is formed, the deadlock, that also complicates the situation. As time goes on a minute" — comments for FAN employee "Tsentrospas".

the Situation of salvation women are really unique and heroic because the DPS don't teach "swimming in the hole".

In the training center they are taught unarmed combat, tactical driving, and other disciplines.

"This worthy man's act. Not everyone is able to Orient in a similar situation. Not only that, the traffic police do not teach such extreme, people are not obliged to jump into the icy water. All actions prescribed in the regulations relate to the road, but no water.

It was the good will of this young man. To take such a step, the person needs to be selfless, to have compassion, determination and a great physique, says Gavrilov. — In the icy water has unpleasant feature — in five to seven minutes starts a kind of atrophy of the muscles due to cold hands and feet no longer listen to man. He was able to break the glass with a piece of ice, it is also necessary to be able to.

Need a strong scope and a thick piece of ice. This is a great physical strength. We use special equipment. Though the traffic police is often criticized, but in an important and decisive moment was the man who took the responsibility and accomplished the feat.

By the way, if he got any injury in the water, then no the insurance money, he wouldn't really — this area was outside its jurisdiction".

the Source also said that if the place of the accident, a team of rescue workers, the operation of breaking glass takes less than a minute, if you're on the ground: "you Have to swing and hit. But if you're in the water, you have no support. And the tool that you break the glass, has a negative buoyancy — it goes to the bottom, and you along with it. When you stand on the ground, it is not felt as when you are in the water."

According to the latest who had two, only on the heroic act of a passing Murat Shomakhova in most of the media is not mentioned.

Shomakhov rushed to the aid of the woman who prayed for salvation and was practically under water. From the hospital, he refused the man the help he needs on the spot. In total, the characters have been in the water for about 15 minutes.

help: the State Central airmobile rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia "Centrospas" is a team of professionals designed to conduct search and rescue operations of all types and magnitude in the liquidation of consequences of emergency situations of technogenic and natural character, and to provide assistance to the civilian population in "hot spots". 25 specialists of the "Tsentrospas" has participated in search and rescue operations in the waters of the Black sea crashed Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, headed to the airport, "Hamim" in Syria.


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