Ceremony one: Granin received the award of the Ministry of defense and the highest score Shoigu. FAN TV


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Ceremony one: Granin received the award of the Ministry of defense and the highest score Shoigu. FAN TV

the St. Petersburg House of journalists after global restoration is receiving guests again: here was held the annual ceremony of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in the field of culture and art. This year, it was determined nine categories. Winners of eight of them have already received their awards at a ceremony in Moscow.

However, in Petersburg decided to hold a separate celebration, after all, and the winner of the special – Daniil Alexandrovich Granin, Soviet and Russian writer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the great Patriotic war, Hero of socialist labor. The ceremony was visited by correspondents of the FAN TV.

the Award of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation is awarded for artworks and creative projects that promote military-Patriotic education of citizens, as well as for significant contribution to the development of culture in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Laureates were prominent figures of culture and art. Among them is a conductor and people's artist of Russia Valery Gergiev, Soviet and Russian composer, laureate of the state prizes of the USSR Alexandra Pakhmutova, Soviet and Russian poet-song-writer, laureate of the state prize of the USSR Nikolai Dobronravov, painter, people's artist of RSFSR Vladimir Pereyaslavets.

Special place in this list is the main military conductor, people's artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Academic song and dance ensemble of Russian army named after A. V. Alexandrov Valery Khalilov, who died in a plane crash over the Black sea: this man the award is given posthumously.

Daniil Alexandrovich Granin was awarded the prize in the category "Literary work" for works about the great Patriotic war. To hand him the diploma and medal from Moscow there has arrived the Director of Department of culture of the Ministry of defense of Russia Mr Buzdygan.

Himself the winner, despite the venerable age (in the early years Daniil Alexandrovich turned 98 years), with words of gratitude addressed to the representative of the Ministry and the entire hall standing: "Culture is seemingly not required for the army.

For the army it is important to shoot well, to fight well. It was, I took it all in their lives. But it turned out that after all we live in a time when one can no longer live without culture, without art, especially here in Russia. A country that has always been a reading nation, country music, country theatre.

This is an inevitable feature of our life."

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the prize winners were awarded for the first time, but she was already announced as an annual event. Why it was created, and what is its ideological value, told FAN-TV was told by Mr Buzdygan, Director of the Department of culture of the Ministry of defence: "the Importance of this award for us army culture and the army is very large. I think it is the same value for the first winners, which was awarded this year.

I spoke with Valery Abisalovich Gergiev, Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolay Dobronravov: they were very pleasantly surprised and appreciated the award of the Ministry of defence for its (really big!) contribution to the culture of the army, in what we call "Patriotic education of youth". And the award is important because it is a factor in the evaluation of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu of the Ministry.

Evaluations of creative people, as we say, "creative intellectuals", "artists", who returned today to the army, who in their work take into account that there is such a great powerful force like the Russian Army".

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