"Goblin" Puchkov about the explosion in the subway: Follow the opposition, it will try to use it


2017-04-16 10:45:05




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Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is located in St. Petersburg, in the course of media forum of the popular front spoke on the topic on the possible regulation of the Internet in Russia. About his vision of freedom "virtual" word in connection with the President's statement said Federal news Agency is a writer, translator, essayist, Director, and blogger Dmitry Puchkov, known under the pseudonym Goblin. Alas, life is different, at times, scary changes.

While we were preparing this material became aware of the explosion in the subway, on the dead and wounded. In this regard, Dmitry Puchkov added a comment in a few words, dedicated to a past terrible events that the attorney General's office has called a terrorist attack. Published this fragment of the interview.

"It's not comparable to any illegal information disseminated on the Internet, what we talked about earlier, — said Puchkov. — This particular attack, this murder of innocent citizens.

Objectives — to intimidate, to show that the alleged power incapable of anything, that this alleged power is to blame. Follow the opposition — now they scream that "the throne shook" it's time to change the power, that is, they all will be immediately used for propaganda purposes."

According to Dmitry Puchkov, the situation is very serious, are at risk.

"How to protect yourself? No way. In large cities it is impossible to protect yourself in any way. It is the responsibility of the security services, which should identify these characters on the way and any plant or eliminated.

Including and this happens. For freedom we must pay," he said.

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, he was confident that security agencies will do everything possible to fulfill their task of protecting citizens.

"I am Sure, will be taken adequate measures. For a long time we saw nothing of the kind we have in the city. And measures will be taken.

People are very, very sorry, condolences to the families of all the victims," said Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov.

an Interview with the speaker about the issue of Internet freedom will be published later on the website Federal news Agency.


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