Leningrad and his thirst for life: hero city celebrates 73 years of freedom from the blockade


2017-01-27 11:30:25




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Leningrad and his thirst for life: hero city celebrates 73 years of freedom from the blockade

In St. Petersburg began the celebration of the anniversary of the full liberation of the city from the Nazi blockade. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency began the day with the first persons of the city-hero at the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery, one of the places of mass graves of victims of the siege of Leningrad and the soldiers of the Leningrad front.

On Piskarevka today is foggy and damp. Unchanged cloves burn a scarlet color on the background of granite slabs and black jackets.

The first wreaths at the memorial from the President of Russia, then from the Governor, the Legislative Assembly, all the armed forces, organizations, ordinary residents of St. Petersburg with a record in the passport "place of birth: Leningrad".

the Veterans in the crowd less, but they are still there — persistent, tenacious, not giving in to the circumstances. Every time you talk with someone who is over 90, and he was still in a clear mind, in blessed memory, bustles and pours you tea, tells her stories for hours, walks to the Elevator, waving at the window, good — bye, every time I want to ask the obvious question: "what's your secret? How do you do it? How much vitality do not have any young ones?".

the Great Patriotic war someone put in the damp earth, and someone tempered stronger than any metal. 872 terrible days of the Leningrad lived under siege, unseen before in the history of mankind.

At the Nuremberg trials, the death toll was first estimated at 632 thousand, but now some estimates say about half a million of our compatriots that lost city. Of these, only 3% were victims of bombing and shelling, the remaining 97% died from starvation and freezing cold. Survivor incredible price barred from the Germans, the soldiers of the Leningrad front, which since special honor for all veterans.

they all never enough minutes memory piskaroyvskoye memorial — thousands and thousands of known and missing, it is the individual memorials, lonely graves in the woods near birch trees and the huge mass graves at all.

The 73-th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade of the city thanking his defenders for ineradicable desire of life, which have helped people go through the hell that we, even after collecting all the books, stories and movies have a very vague idea.

In honor of the second birthday of Leningrad in 20 hours on the Champ de Mars thunder fireworks-reconstruction, the same as celebrating life and the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad on 27 January 1944. Other festive events will be all day to tell a correspondent of the Federal news Agency.


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