Jean Reno is back to the Russian audience as the seasoned adventurer


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Jean Reno is back to the Russian audience as the seasoned adventurer

Moscow, January 27. In the Russian rolling out Comedy with Jean Reno "Family robbery" about a family of crooks who wanted to steal the Stradivarius.

two very different girls, it turns out that was a common father, who bequeathed them in Courchevel. The news was reported by a lawyer.

But on the site it appears that it is, rather, about a country barn, and his father, a seasoned adventurer, whose role is performed by Jean Reno, is alive and well, and asks his daughters to crank out the last thing in his career, the newspaper said. The essence of fraud in the theft of a Stradivarius violin for $ 15 million.

"Family robbery" promises the viewer a simple adventurous adventure in the French ski resort. Reno, despite its venerable age, does not hesitate to fool around and plays great. But the film still daughter roles are played by young French actress Camille sham and REM Carisi.

the film is a lot of good humor, and the plot will not get bored.

The film is very light, it is conventional things are contagious with irony.

Earlier reported that Renault was ranked ninth in the list of most famous people of France.


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