NASA: Huge asteroid will crash to Earth in February


2017-01-27 10:00:13




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NASA: Huge asteroid will crash to Earth in February

Washington, January 27. NASA Employees believe that February will fall to Earth a large asteroid WF9, whose place of falling through the calculations previously defined.

the Fall of a large asteroid WF9 can be seen from the UK in February, according to the American space Agency. According to the researchers, the asteroid could cause a giant tsunami, if you fall into the oceans. But if a fall will have on the land — none of the inhabitants of the metropolis will not be able to survive.

Many astronomers believe that NASA, having such information, shall inform earthlings about an asteroid.

As reported by the publication , earlier scientists from Russia, USA and Sweden conducted a study to understand how changing falling to the Ground meteors in the last half a billion years.


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