The Union on Twitter showed people the "Queen of Russia"


2017-01-27 09:15:15




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The Union on Twitter showed people the

Moscow, January 27. the Flamboyant showman Nikita Dzhigurda shared in his Twitter personal. He posted a photo of six-year-old daughter Eva-Vlad and named the baby "the Queen of Rus".

the picture shows a beautiful girl in white long dress and tiara. The chair commented on a photo of his daughter, calling it a "natural blondehow", "Queen of Russia" and "the materialization of the Holy Ghost."

the Actor also said that he filmed the birth of a daughter born. Recall Dzhigurda also has a son, seven-MIK-angel-Krist.

These are children from the marriage to Olympic champion Marina Anisina those, which Dzhigurda divorced at the end of 2016. Now the children live with the mother in France.


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