Russian ambulance in the streets of Stockholm turned into "spies" in the Swedish social networks


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Russian ambulance in the streets of Stockholm turned into

Stockholm, 8 December. the emergence of the Russian ambulance in the streets of Stockholm caused a strong reaction in social networks. The Swedes have made various assumptions about what a car with the numbers of St. Petersburg may do in the capital of their country. Not without its conspiracy theories.

on Tuesday, when the street Folkungagatan in the heart of Stockholm became the bad man, passers-by stopped a passing ambulance.

Car was Russian code of St. Petersburg.

a Photo on Twitter published local resident Mans Jonasson.

As written , the Swedes began to put forward different versions of what is happening and soon the story of the ambulance from Russia became the main event and made the front pages of Newspapers. Some Swedish users suggested that under the guise of doctors in Sweden there are Russian special services, and doctors are spies.

the Representative of police of Stockholm Victor Adolfson even more spiced up the public, saying in comments to the media: "Apparently, we have no idea what is going on.

All this is strange". It soon became clear that the Russian first came to Sweden for the patient to be transported to St. Petersburg.

Later, Mans Jonasson, caused a stir with its publication, a new record was a Declaration of love to Russia and even apologized for his previous message called Russophobic emotions in some subscribers.


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