Muscovites: Let Putin will continue to be the President, the stability of Russia leads to progress. FAN TV


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Muscovites: Let Putin will continue to be the President, the stability of Russia leads to progress. FAN TV

Vladimir Putin announced his desire to take part in the presidential elections of 2018. The decision the President announced in Nizhny Novgorod at the meeting with collective of factory GAS. Thus, Vladimir Putin going for the fourth time to run for another presidential term. Moscow residents told FAN TV about what they think about this decision by the head of state.

– I think we all need to stick together and not to succumb to provocations.

The strength of character needed to govern the country. And I do not see among the current candidates, someone more worthy than he, says Julia.

– Now there is no feeling that someone is us the scale to compete, says Helen.

Good man, I think it will be as good to rule? says Eugene. – I think, as he assumed – raised Russia, it can be said from the knees. Wages began to not pay as before, for a penny my parents worked.

Many schools recovered.

Reporter asked Valeria about what she thinks about Putin's intention to participate in forthcoming presidential elections.

I think the right decision, why not? – she answers. – If the country is developing, why can't she move on? Perhaps some plans are short term, there are long-term, and I think for the development of long term plans required at least one time!

Vladimir Putin of the candidates that we have, is the best candidate for President – sure Julia. – He did quite a lot for our country, we can see it on the example of the army that he raised, roughly speaking, during the 90-ies. the Economy, our political relations with foreign countries.

– the Whole country got used to it and already knows what Vladimir Putin is committed, – expresses his opinion Galia.

– He puts all the tasks and all the tasks he has set, are implemented.

to have a Talk with the correspondent of the FAN-TV stops another Julia

– Now very tense situation in the world, and the military and all. I believe that he is neutral on this issue.

– that is, it is what we need?

– foreign policy – Yes.

Michael also shares his thoughts on the candidacy of Putin for the next election, after which shall be determined by the President of Russia:

I don't see alternatives. Everything that is put forward – it is not an option by far. So what we have now – it is a kind of certain stability, which does not allow us to go below, leads us to some progress.

– it's better if he goes for a fourth, and not someone new, because, as the saying goes, new broom sweeps clean.

And here is already established. He will go on to develop what he has already done, says Julia. – And if someone new comes, already the mushrooms will begin restructuring situations: no, it's not.

– the population of the country should not have to worry on this score: the second term, the President, Emperor, king, or the first. Main thing is that everyone in the country was normal folded.

And then it does not matter who is in power, – shares his thoughts Maxim.

– There is a sense of stability. Though the crisis, but the feeling of stability is very valuable – says Alexander. Is not only the experience of the 90s, our experience is very large, ranging probably from 1917 and earlier. Well, of course, when change, but drastic change is always bad, especially in our country.

Another Alexander shared with FAN-TV his thoughts:

– For external reasons – after all, the fact that Russia has risen from its knees, I believe, is Putin to thank.

In domestic politics he needs some premiere, which would be great versed in Economics. Heard that Yavlinsky said? "We need to give the Crimea, to hold some conference". What is this, a bag of potatoes? Today we are having this conference. I believe that these double standards of the West – this is no conspiracy theory, they do have a place.

I believe that for the remainder of the term, and he will be the last of Putin, it is necessary, of course, this situation straighten!

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