Two hundred houses be repaired in Khabarovsk in 2018


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Two hundred houses be repaired in Khabarovsk in 2018

Khabarovsk, 7 Dec. next year I'm planning to rebuild 200 homes in Khabarovsk. This year there were more homes — 259, but only half of the buildings have been renovated.

the Repair was performed only in half of the houses due to the fact that the designers are not ready to requirements for repair requirements and volumes. It is noted that the preparation of documents takes a year.

The system has simplified as companies can create a project and provide punch list. Thereby reduced the preparation time up to three months, reports a press-service of administration of Khabarovsk with reference to information of the Director of the NGO "Khabarovsk regional Fund of capital repairs" Alena Sidorova.

At this point in the accounts of the regional operator for about 400 million rubles, which will be used to pay for major repairs. The money was in the Bank at interest, and thus has accumulated 30 million rubles.

"we Will coordinate with the Board of Trustees, which will distribute the money to each apartment building, depending on the payments of the owners. That is, how many residents of this particular home paid for services, so they are in proportion and you will receive", — quotes the press-service of administration of Khabarovsk Alain gray.


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