The Petersburg doctors have created a "Christmas miracle" in Europe


2017-12-07 13:45:04




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The Petersburg doctors have created a

Moscow, December 7. Almost "Christmas" story with a happy ending has happened on the streets of Stockholm: the St. Petersburg physicians performed their professional duty, being in business trip in Sweden, and rescued a man who had an epileptic seizure on the street, the correspondent of the Federal news Agency.

emergency workers had to transport home the Russians, were at that moment in Stockholm, which was contraindicated airfare. It happens often, and for "emergency" travel around Europe no problem. It happened at this time — an ambulance with Petersburg numbers and the word "Resuscitation" in Russian appeared on the streets of Stockholm.

"We are constantly transporting people, we don't care where.

This time we drove through Finland, surprisingly — we were often waved their hands and greeted us. Rather, it is our countrymen. In General, we drove to Stockholm, took sick and was sent to the port on the ferry," says the paramedic Angela Khabarova.

Driving through the city centre, one of our physicians saw that an elderly man became ill. He was lying on the tram stop, close your mind.

"we Have algorithms for which we always act in such cases.

International algorithms. Given that we are abroad, we in any case can not be him something to chop and even give drugs their our Arsenal. We have a special international license. So we acted as best he could: turned him on his left side, was given smelling salts.

Five minutes later the man came to life. He had an attack of epilepsy. We sat on a bench and waited for the local ambulance. She arrived 10 minutes later and we gave it to colleagues.

We couldn't even take him on Board, as there was our patient. I can say that the Swedes, of course, stunned by our presence. It was something!" — says the assistant Alisultan of Sharaputdinov.

the Doctors talking to reporters, embarrassed and asked me not to do this "something extraordinary". Like, it's okay "we gave the oath of Hippocrates".


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