Santa Claus told me what he was asking the Russians


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Santa Claus told me what he was asking the Russians

Novosibirsk, November 15. Russian Residents of all ages began to send letters of wishes to Santa Claus. This year some of them, besides the usual gifts, ask to find a suitor to freeze the mortgage and send the metal detector with a shovel.

As told in the press center TASS Santa Claus, one of the kids asked him to send him a shovel and a metal detector. "Apparently he knows something what we don't know," pondered the wizard. Older people traditionally ask to freeze a mortgage or send a gift just money.

Santa Claus said that while he still has not asked for bitcoins.

"Write, and always wrote of all ages — three years one does not work on 23 more.

Alluding to the fact that now is asking about her spouse, the girls are complaining: "father Christmas, give men independent, not a cowering, which are able to make decisions themselves." You see, the trouble in the country," he said.

Earlier it was reported that in Velikiy Ustyug will build a new Palace for Santa Claus for 350 million rubles.


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