Russia will have its own "green card"


2017-01-27 06:45:03




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Russia will have its own

Moscow, January 27. In the state Duma plan to give former compatriots special "Russian Card", similar to the American "green card" that will give a number of privileges.

Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev is drafting a bill on the map of Russian. It is expected that the document will confirm the identity of the individual — citizen of one of CIS countries or Baltic States to the Russian people.

Domestic "green card" will give a number of privileges, e.g. the right to work, free education, medical care, discounts for travel in Russia.

According to Sysoyev, "Russian Card", though does not give the Russian citizenship, but will allow their countrymen to return many believe it right.

to get the Russian "green card", you will need to fulfill a number of conditions. First, to prove the existence of a direct relationship Russian or USSR citizen. In addition, it is necessary Russian language skills not lower than the basic level, the lack of activities (particularly journalists), directed against the Russian state, the absence of Russian citizenship.

As reported on Friday , if the law is passed, the first Russian "green card", it is possible to obtain from 1 January 2018.


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