The Agency has reduced the number of boats catch crabs


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The Agency has reduced the number of boats catch crabs

St. Petersburg, September 14. Crab from the Russian territorial waters will now produce a limited number of courts. In the far East the catch of marine delicacy will be allowed 30 ships, and in the area North of the pool is six to ten. About this FAN said the head of the Federal Agency for fishery Ilya Shestakov.

According to him, the Ministry agreed on how to regulate the issuance of investment quota for the modernization of the crab fishing fleet of the country.

"We will limit the number of vessels in the far East and in the Northern basin, Shestakov said at the International fishery forum in St.

Petersburg. — The vessel has the volume of catch, which might be unprofitable for economic exploitation, so if we build a lot of fishermen, they will receive a small quota we provoke poaching".

the Agency has defined stringent requirements for equipment for fishermen: it is mandatory on them are electronic scales and video surveillance in 24 hours. As for poaching, the main illegal catch in Russia, go during the salmon fishing season and spawning sturgeon, said Shestakov.

"For salmon losses, we estimate 10-15%, but on sturgeon poaching, if not stops, almost equal to the volume that reproduces the state, he said. — Here we need to work more actively with the point of view of distribution channels.

Shut off the water, we are not able to".

According to Shestakov, in the near future, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia accept the offer of Federal Agency on fishery and let the police dispose of illegal catch prior to the court decision. He also expressed the opinion that it will untie the hands of the police because now they have their own store frozen catch for a year and a half and bear the costs, which are not included in their budget, or, fearing such a prospect, to close their eyes to illegal activities.


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