Hamim: videoconferencing deployed in Syria four MiG-29SMT


2017-09-14 10:00:25




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Hamim: videoconferencing deployed in Syria four MiG-29SMT

Hamim, September 14. Four the latest MiG-29SMT will be tested in real combat conditions.

the Ministry of defense of Russia was sent to Syria a batch of MiG-29SMT, the machine is designed in order to provide flight training to the maximum number of pilots in real combat conditions.

At the moment combat experience got already about 86 per cent of flight staff videoconferencing. Previously, the MiG-29 SMT was used for further exploration of the terrain, only occasionally joining in combat operations, which used already proven in the military campaign multipurpose su-30CM and su-35. Now pilots will have the opportunity to maximize the combat potential of the latest MiGs.


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