Bulk on the margins: how hooters was the real leader of the opposition


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Bulk on the margins: how hooters was the real leader of the opposition

Last Sunday, 10 September municipal elections in Moscow demonstrated an obvious fact — the leader of the non-system opposition has become Dmitry Gudkov. Alexei Navalny, who until recently was a very small one, but its target audience was is on the sliding Windows.

overall, the past September 10, a Single day of voting was not too surprising — in the elections of regional senior officials expected and with a large margin won the current governors or acting — nominees of the President. An overwhelming majority of seats in regional legislatures, as expected, was taken by representatives of "United Russia" with a few splashes of Communists, liberal-Democrats and spravedlivorossov.

Really important for Russian political reality this time was that local elections, specifically the election of municipal deputies in Moscow.

Expert of the Fund "public diplomacy", analytical and expert club "the Future today" Andrey Ryazantsev in an interview with the FAN said: the coalition is "United Democrats" Dmitry Gudkov, who included in their ranks representatives of the parties Yabloko and Parnas, as well as social movements "Solidarity" and "Open Russia" has received 266 mandates at the municipal level of 1502 in 62 districts of the capital. In addition, at least 16 districts of Moscow, representatives of the coalition Gudkov took the majority of seats in the municipal representative bodies. This fact gives the opportunity to draw some conclusions is not local, but it is of Federal significance.

"first, the liberal idea has a certain electorate, which does not tend to zero, as believed in the last years, many radical patriots, and in the case of mobilization may be represented in the government. Secondly, nothing wrong in such a representation there as the liberal opposition, therefore, is included in the actual process of state and municipal management in the field, burdened with political responsibility for their words and deeds. Third, to refute the thesis that "the real opposition" (that the elections in Russia can not be defeated, and therefore supposedly the only way of political struggle — the provocation of street protests"), — added Andrey Ryazantsev.

the Expert noted that the example of municipal elections in Moscow clearly shows that the force that can unite and competently carry out a campaign can win, and quite convincingly. Therefore, elections as a mechanism for the formation of a political representation of citizens in Russia to really work, and politicians like Alexei Navalny, denying the opportunity to achieve a political result by lawful means, to consciously choose the path of provocation.

"in addition, demonstrated that the government is ready to negotiate with any force that represents the interests of society expressed in a legal way.

The development of these trends can only be welcomed", — concluded Andrey Ryazantsev.

Analyst Ivan Arkatov in the comments of FAN noticed that the non-system opposition still have disagreements, and it does not act as a United front. Dmitry Gudkov actively worked to defeat in the municipal elections. And it turned out to be good, because it was not one, but helped other members of the opposition. He was able to combine some of people.

"This kind of opposition is needed to restore the health of the political field and create constructive competition.

Hooters is promoting young politicians and use the worldwide accepted methods of political struggle. But we can say, in our country there are also inadequate representatives of the opposition, which operate only by means of provocations and violations of the law. Of course, it's Bulk and his minions. Whilst holidaying on the seas, Dmitry Gudkov worked, getting real results in the political struggle.

Political counterweight in the form of some part of the opposition, which is now in fact headed by Gudkov, is the positive symptoms," said Ivan Arkatov.

And then, said the expert, the question arises, does our country need such opposition, headed by populists and provocateurs in the face of Navalny and his minions. If Alexei Navalny is fighting for power, as he claims, why he did not participate in the elections, why he rested, and was not in the election arena? Most likely, he has some of his goals, and achieve them he did not scruple.

"For the Bulk has become the norm to substitute, throw in a difficult situation of his colleagues and supporters. It uses young people, attracting them nice and loud slogans and nothing more. The same beeps in the end promoted his associates, gave them a chance to prove themselves.

Why does Bulk? He could act as the flagship to unite the opposition, but on the contrary he worked hard on her split. To aspire to Bulk? You can talk a lot, but actions speak for themselves. Based on the Bulk actions, you can say that his aim is not a legitimate way of coming to power at various levels (although it constantly States), and the chaos and destabilization in the country", — concluded Ivan Arkatov.


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