Putin congratulated the Rostov region of 80th anniversary


2017-09-13 13:30:03




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Putin congratulated the Rostov region of 80th anniversary

Moscow, September 13. Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the authorities and residents of the Rostov region, having congratulated them on the 80th anniversary since the founding of the region. The statement was issued by the press service of the Kremlin.

In his address calls the Rostov region "one of the most promising and economically developed regions." The President highlighted the work of the Rostov farmers who gathered this year a record harvest.

"I Congratulate you on the remarkable anniversary — the 80th anniversary of the Rostov region, — stated in the text of the message. — The Rostov region — the birthplace of the talented, energetic, enterprising people, who for centuries built cities and towns, actively mastered the fertile land created by industrial, transport, energy and infrastructure, to protect the southern borders of the Fatherland."

the President expressed the hope that the band will continue to cherish the traditions of their ancestors and work for the good of the Fatherland.


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