Petersburgers on the Day of the siege: We must be worthy of this memory. FAN TV


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Petersburgers on the Day of the siege: We must be worthy of this memory. FAN TV

For St. Petersburg, 27 January – the most important date in history. She recalls the great feat of defenders of Leningrad, the city continues to live today. This year St.

Petersburg celebrates 73rd anniversary of full liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade. FAN TV is at the Palace square, where they mention the names of the brave defenders of Leningrad with the St. Petersburg, who remember the great sacrifice of veterans.

Reporter to FAN-TV asked the residents of St. Petersburg that each of them means the Day of the siege of Leningrad.

"My grandfather fought, says a woman named Tatiana.

– He fought in Novorossiysk and died in 1943". The reporter wondered if the tat this knowledge to their children, if they know about the date January 27. "Yes, but a lot tells me and my daughter: she reads a lot and loves this city, although we are not natives of Petersburg".

Teacher of the Polytechnic University of Irina Ruskov says about this day: "this is Probably one of the momentous events that changed the course of world war II, because there is no family native of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad, which would otherwise not be participants in these events.

In our family, a grandfather received the medal "For military merit" protecting Nevsky Pyatachok, grandma spent the whole blockade and are still alive and we celebrate her birthday. The fact that the education of young people begins at school and with family. And if there are albums, archives and medals, the new generation should know about it, to remember, to honor the memory and respect what our ancestors did. So, I think it's a global event, and nearly 900 days, and almost a million dead say that we must be worthy of that memory – the memory of our ancestors.

That's what I try to bring up your son."

the young man named Ivan your view on this date: "If not for the lifting of the blockade, the extinction of Leningrad would continue, and its existence could be terminated. Everywhere on all fronts started to advance westward, and this gave impetus to all the others. For 900 days of blockade, we have shown that we are not broke". Reporter FAN TV decided to find out note whether the family of Ivan that day.

The young man responds immediately: "In our family everyone remembers: our great-grandmother was a resident of Leningrad and survived the blockade. She worked on the railway and told me how hard it is postponed. Grandpa arrived from Moscow, and they began to meet under the Oranienbaum, and when he heard some familiar music from Peterhof (the Germans were), the grandfather said, "do you Hear? The music is familiar, and there is no word". And it was "Katyusha" in German".

Reporter stops a group of young people wandering around the Palace.

It communicates Alexander: "Every year we remember, every year we put a candle the whole family, because during the blockade here was my grandmother, but it turned out that she had to evacuate. And, thank God, she did it and she did not witness those terrible things that happened in the city. I wish it was not just an occasion to celebrate with your friends and have fun, and, indeed, to the person in the head any thoughts. And, of course, this has never happened to peace in the world.

And that such terrible things not touched on the younger generation and their children."

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three girls told FAN TV about his attitude to January 27.

"the Feat of our grandfathers and our great-grandfathers in front of all our civilians – he's just great and so valuable, to forget about him in no way impossible," says Elvin. "About this feat you need to know. And then tell other generations about our history that everyone should know and honor," adds Lisa. "I also agree with you – the succession of generations should be – picks up Irina.

And we should be just grateful for this peaceful sky above the head. Thanks to our ancestors".

Denis with the family also came this day to the Palace. With a hint of sadness in his voice, he says: "Courage and bravery, I think, has gone in the past. Only then, I think this was – to the end right.

We naturally respect those who did it, and I thank them very much! God bless those who are left, and all the best."

the Poet Stas Fan whether read, or sung in the camera FUN TV poems about the siege:

"one Hundred twenty-five grams of frozen bread

Trembling hands share.

War does not kill the person,

She changes it from the inside."

Reporter to FAN-TV decided to talk with Stas:

– Today, you recited poems about the blockade. It works of your writing?

Yes, I did write elements and read them himself.

do You remember about that day. For you this special day?

Yes, it is a special day. My grandmother blokadnitsa, and overall I'm very respectful to this day.

For me this is really a big celebration, big event big deal, because the people who survived the siege; they experienced great grief, and this grief is indescribable in words. I can't imagine how I would be able to survive it. For me it's important."

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