Experts have called the main cause of the crash of Tu-154


2017-01-28 09:15:08




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Experts have called the main cause of the crash of Tu-154

Moscow, January 28. the Basic version of causes of accident of the airplane Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, which crashed in the Black sea 25 Dec 2016 is a mistake of the crew. This conclusion was made by experts, analyzing the flight data recorder.

According to experts, serious deviations in the operation of the aircraft were recorded, before the collision with the water, they worked fine.

currently, the members of the joint technical Commission studying the actions of the crew, figuring out that it could lead to disaster. To reconstruct the sequence of events fails due to low data quality.

The difficulty is that to decrypt the flight recorder requires equipment and skills that military experts to date, no reports .

Recall flying to Syria the plane of the defense Ministry, TU-154 crashed on December 25. On Board were 92 people, including the head of the Fund "Fair aid" Elizaveta Glinka, journalists and dancers of the Alexandrov Ensemble.

As reported , the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov earlier assured that necessary actions at the crash site of Tu-154 will continue as necessary.


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