"Admiral Kuznetsov" will be back in Severomorsk in early February


2017-01-27 16:00:03




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Moscow, January 27. Carrier battle group of Russian Navy ships headed by the heavy cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" will be back in Severomorsk in early February. This was reported by a source familiar with the situation.

"a Detachment of the Northern fleet, led by "Admiral Kuznetsov" returned 8-9 February 8th meet the wing, 9th directly enter the unit in the Kola Bay", he explained .

Recall that the ships Russian aircraft carrier group successfully passed the English channel. On the whole route through the Strait of the Russian court was accompanied by the strengthened escort of NATO.

As the portal , the defense Ministry has criticized the Kingdom for such "show", saying that Russia does not need to "escort services."


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