Klintsevich: Pro Bono military, opposing terrorism, confirms the high status of our soldiers


2017-01-27 13:30:16




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Klintsevich: Pro Bono military, opposing terrorism, confirms the high status of our soldiers

the Russian state Duma in the third final reading adopted the law on state protection of troops participating in the fight against terrorism and perform special functions for the protection of national security of our country.

"it is Proposed to Supplement Federal law "On state protection of judges, officials law-enforcement and controlling bodies" a new category of protected persons," — said in the letter accompanying the new law.

Thus, for the Russian soldiers, military police and intelligence officers fighting international terrorism and will be provided the same level of protection as judges and officials of law enforcement agencies. Now, for example, military commanders may prohibit the issuance and distribution of personal data of these soldiers. Also, if necessary, can be changed their numbers and personal vehicles.

soon the new law will be submitted for consideration to the Federation Council. While it hasn't happened yet, Federal news Agency decided to ask for an assessment of the prospects of this bill to the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council of the Franz Klintsevich.

"This is a very necessary measure, and I am absolutely sure that in our Committee on this bill, and the Federation Council will be recommended to maintain it after the State Duma.

This law is extremely important from a psychological, political and, most importantly, moral and spiritual points of view. This is a high estimate of those who today performs a very important government job to fight international terror. This assessment has social and moral value. Importantly, it confirms the status of our fighters.

It's for people much more important than the extra penny. This law is the expression of unconditional attention to what you are doing for our soldiers, officers and generals" — gives his point of view, Senator.

the Emergence of such a law only in a timely manner. It will have a significant psychological support for those of our soldiers who are defending Russia and the world, far from our borders. "Moreover, I think that our young people it will form a strong belief that the defence of our country, service in the armed forces, is a really important duty.

The government highly appreciates and accepts those who put on uniforms and risk their lives, well-being, personal freedom, fulfilling a duty to their country. This law is not just some kind of pathetic, but a very serious thing," concludes Franz Klintsevich.


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