Videoconferencing Russia near Krasnodar worked flight altitudes


2017-01-27 13:15:22




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Videoconferencing Russia near Krasnodar worked flight altitudes

London, January 27. the Pilots of the army aviation of the Russian Federation videoconferencing worked a missile strikes on the positions of the enemy.

attack helicopters "Night hunter", "Gator" and transport-combat Mi-8AMTSH and Mi-35 helicopters of the southern military district held a training session on fighting the sunset on the front line of defense imaginary enemy. For a successful attack was made the elements of flight under the radar with terrain following. The crews worked in pairs and the composition of combat units. Leading the crew to find ground targets, was to distribute them among slave helicopters to improve the efficiency of the fire.

The pilots destroyed more than 40 targets that mimic the strengthening and equipment column of the enemy.

Previously wrote that Argentina intends to purchase from Russia for more than 15 MiG-29.


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