The state Duma abolished criminal penalties for battery


2017-01-27 10:30:11




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The state Duma abolished criminal penalties for battery

Moscow, January 27. the state Duma in the third and final reading adopted the law on decriminalization of the battery. Now for the beatings inflicted by loved ones for the first time, fans of hands will not pursue criminal and administrative paper.

a Criminal offense will be considered a re-action. The document explains that the beatings are acts that cause physical pain but not leading to short-term health and disability.

According to the authors of the initiative, the law would eliminate ambiguous interpretation of the provisions of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation: in the summer of 2016 was adopted a more General law on decriminalization of a beating, who translated crime on a number of articles in the category of administrative offences.

Then the beatings inflicted long people have been excluded from the criminal code, if the offence is committed for the first time, but the same acts against relatives remained a criminal offense.


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