Shoigu estimated to test the new MiG-35


2017-01-27 08:45:03




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Shoigu estimated to test the new MiG-35

Moscow, January 27. the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu during the video conference, followed by testing of the latest Russian MiG-35.

Flight tests of the fighter was held in suburban Lukhovitsy, the process of testing the members of the Board of the military-industrial complex was commented by the President of the United aircraft Corporation and General designer of the company and senior test pilot. According to the representative of the crew, the tests were successful. The procurement of military fighter MiG-35 should begin in 2019, presentation for foreign customers will be held today.

Previously, the Agency reported that Shoigu ordered to reinforce troops in the South of Ukraine and North Caucasus.


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