Mobilization Putin: challenges for a fourth term — the modernization and justice


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Mobilization Putin: challenges for a fourth term — the modernization and justice

"I'm going to nominate his candidacy for the office of President of the Russian Federation", — said the head of state Vladimir Putin on December 6 at a meeting with employees of the Gorky automobile plant. And thus drew a line under the formal uncertainty on this issue that existed before.

Formal — because in the current domestic and foreign political conditions, the failure of the current President from extending his powers to a new six-year term would not simply "sensation number one", and event that could change the future course of history, so many different consequences around the world it would be for an led.

Therefore, "operation Successor 2.0", similar to the extension Dmitry Medvedev in 2008, never took place.

that Putin will win the election on March 18, 2018, virtually no (and there was) no doubt — too large a difference in political potentials of any of the possible candidates. So no election campaign is not even assumed. Will not matter that much-neither the voting turnout nor the percentage of votes cast for other candidates.

What's really interesting — so is she Putin's policy and how significantly it can change from its current version.

There may be some clue here can serve as the time and place of public entry into the "presidential race".

In 2003, about his decision to run for a second term, Putin said during "straight line" on 18 December, answering a question of the inhabitant of Krasnodar. In 2011, a similar decision was announced on 27 November on a second phase of the Congress party "United Russia".

Now the same "starting line" was chosen as Gorky automobile plant, which was celebrating these days its 85th anniversary, is one of the symbols of the first five-year plans and Stalin's industrialization, and in one of its most high-tech civilian nagged.


If you remember the already constant presence in Putin's statements a word about the transition to a command economy and mobilization planning, it is unlikely. And if you take into account the complexities of the international situation, including the excommunication of Russia from the Olympic games, the arrest in France of the Senator from Dagestan billionaire Suleyman Kerimov, the threat of a total seizure of Russian assets abroad, preparing American intelligence, "February Apocalypse" and more, is nothing else but an already open transition to the new mobilization project that our country remains.


Reserves Rate

This is not quite a comfortable situation for Putin, accustomed to secure the maximum of the degrees of freedom and a maximum of "reserve Rates". But, as the experience of the Crimea and Syria, and earlier — confrontation with the "Bolotnaya" opposition, this does not mean that at crucial moments he prefers to avoid conflict and confrontation — on the contrary.

But now the problem is just that to solve external problems in the usual way, due to the population of Russia, — it becomes extremely dangerous for the integrity of the entire system, the voltage in which is rapidly approaching a critical level.

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Voiced by RIA Rating on the basis of the Rosstat data "median" level of wages in 24.7 thousand rubles monthly means that more than half of our fellow citizens live below the real "poverty line", which is today in the range of 12-15 thousand rubles per person (the official subsistence minimum of 9.9 thousand).

And this, in turn, negatively affects the effective demand of the population, largely determines the size of the domestic market.

With all reports about the growth and even stagnation in Russian GDP does not correspond to reality, as production indicators in current prices are recalculated according to the official deflator of 2.5–2.6%, and not real, which is about 4 times higher.

Yes, the war against the "collective West" — very expensive for Russia. And it seems more expensive, that it is like it is not, because officially, this war has not been declared neither from our side nor from our "partners". And this situation of "neither peace nor war", whatever it was due, could not last forever.

So, no real create millions of jobs, without training the necessary infrastructure and staff, without raising the standard of living of the population and reduce social inequality unfortunately, Russia could "fall down", and in the most unexpected and inopportune moment. Because "war is war, and grub — routine".

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of Course, this requires a huge investment, even more gigantic in terms of ideology-free and decentralized market economy.

And if Putin will be able for his fourth presidential term to solve these problems at least the minimum and no catastrophic failures, no doubt he will become one of the greatest rulers in Russian history.

So the fun will begin after the presidential election on 18 March next year.


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