Putin warned the Corporation against excessive expansion


2017-12-07 13:45:10




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Putin warned the Corporation against excessive expansion

Moscow, December 7. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the state Corporation rostec from over extension to avoid damage to efficiency. The head of the Russian state said at the ceremony presenting state awards to employees of rostec.

"there is another danger: it is impossible to grow endlessly, uncontrollably, and you need to understand exactly what the Corporation was established, where it should move, in what settings it needs to function, in order that her work was the best and most efficient, competitive," Putin said.

the President also pointed to the fact that the share of civilian products, the Corporation the total production has reached 25, and by 2025 will increase to 50%.

earlier, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov said that the Russian Federation will soon begin in China.


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