NATO's actions could provoke a war with Russia – media


2017-11-14 19:15:09




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NATO's actions could provoke a war with Russia – media

Washington, November 14. the Extension of NATO to the East can provoke a military conflict with Russia, I think American journalists. Writes about this edition of The National Interest.

According to the American edition, Washington deliberately escalates the situation by expanding the military bloc to the East. These actions are, despite regular statements to Russia about what this extension says about the aggressive policy of NATO.

At the same time, journalists write that Russia may have aggressive intentions in relation to, for example, the Baltic States.

The only way to get Russia to react negatively to NATO's actions is the strengthening of the Alliance in the region. In this case, it is likely a full-fledged fighting between forces of Russia and NATO.

"Russia sees NATO as a threat to its security, but this concern is linked to the movement of NATO to the East, not from the protective guarantees of the Alliance," – concludes the author.


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