US actions in Syria contradict Putin's statement and the tramp — Bondarev


2017-11-14 17:30:24




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US actions in Syria contradict Putin's statement and the tramp — Bondarev

Moscow, November 14. the US Action in Syria to support Islamic state terrorists, directly contradict the joint statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Donald Trump, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Bondarev.

So the Senator commented on the message of the defense Ministry that the United States refused to carry out air strikes on Syrian departing from Abu Kemal the powers of the IG, claiming that the militants fall under the Geneva Convention.

He recalled that at the APEC summit, Donald Trump in a joint statement with Vladimir Putin directly announced his intention to reconcile positions with Russia on Syria, to find a common, peaceful solution to the conflict.

"And that makes today the American army? Opposite. This is a different war, internal", — said the Senator.

In his opinion, the United States, "a main contender for world hegemony, torn by internal contradictions": "the Political struggle of the camps of the President of the United States and Congress worsened to the limit".

Previously, the MP has reported ample evidence that the US is cooperating with the militants in the SAR.

"For the period of the Russian RAID in Syria, we have documented a lot of evidence of American assistance to terrorists," he said.

In particular, Bondarev said the pictures "NATO military equipment to ISIS controlled territories."

Recall that a group is banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme court.


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