Expert: the Us occupation of Syria leads to the dismantling of the UN


2017-11-14 17:30:15




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Expert: the Us occupation of Syria leads to the dismantling of the UN

the Pentagon James Mattis said that American soldiers are in Syria with UN approval, and therefore, perfectly legal. The foreign Ministry Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) strongly disagree with this interpretation of international principles.

"Syria has reiterated that the presence of American forces or any other military presence in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government is an aggression and violation of sovereignty of Syria and the flagrant violation of the foundations of the UN," — said in an official statement the Syrian foreign Ministry.

political Analyst and orientalist Dmitry Egorenkov agree with the official Damascus that the US has no right to stay in the territory of Syria. Nevertheless, it is clear that in recent years, American military and political leaders less concerned about the match or not its actions to international law.

"the Americans are a curious thought. Literally Mattis said the following: as UN backs fight with IG (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx.

FAN), then the IG can fight anywhere. In this case, apparently, you can not ask any national government, and the border is also not important. Following this logic, any state can declare cell IG, and then to introduce American troops. A very interesting branch of thinking, as I have already said," — the expert said in an interview with Federal news Agency.

the Position of the Syrian leadership remains unchanged, continues Egorenkov.

Any presence of foreign troops on Syrian territory without the approval of the Syrian authorities in Damascus believe the occupation.

"In General, within the framework of existing international law, the position of Damascus is fully justified. Another thing is that Americans consistently leave the existing system of international relations. They believe that the spirit of the law above its letter, if the spirit meets the American interests. Unfortunately, this applies not only to the Syrian theater of military operations, but also the notorious story with the "Russian hackers" and Russian media outlets operating in the USA.

Everywhere the US claim that their opponents spoke against a spirit of international law and international relations. They do this simply because at a purely legal level to show anything to anyone can not", — says Dmitry Egorenkov.

This is a very dangerous trend, he said, but it is completely logical if to take into account the current geopolitical balance of power. All the 90 and most of 2000 years the Americans have been the world hegemony. The world was a unipolar world.

Now China, Russia and other countries are attempting to destroy this system, however, at least while she is still standing. Because of this, the US feel able to disregard the rules of the UN and the entire system of international law.

"They systematically ignore UN rules and went to it in recent years. In the near future this tendency, I think, will only get worse. Unfortunately, now the UN is in a more difficult position than was the League of Nations at the time.

UN — the institution of a bipolar world, it was created during the cold war between the USSR and the USA. In a situation when such one of the pillars of the bipolar world disappeared, and the second actively removes itself from the system of international law, the UN loses all leverage in the situation. International law in the form in which we know it, is dying. Americans substitute its own domestic law.

Hence the constant claims of the United States to declare its right to the outside, to make the American extraterritorial legislation. Hence, the United States announced sanctions against Russia, and the invasion of Syria, and more. Because we again will hear from representatives of the state Department and the Pentagon words that are similar to those voiced today Mattis. The American occupation of Syria leads to the dismantling of the UN," concludes Dmitry Egorenkov.


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