Zakharova said the US attacks on "Kaspersky Lab"


2017-09-14 06:15:12




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Zakharova said the US attacks on

Moscow, September 14. Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said statement of the Ministry of homeland security (DHS), which forcibly ordered all state institutions to remove the antivirus software of the Russian company "Kaspersky Lab".

"That's all fair competition in three lines", — Zakharov wrote on his official page in Facebook.

Previously, the U.S. DHS issued a statement which said that all state institutions should Russian companies. Ministries have been instructed "to develop a detailed plan to address and stop current and future use of these products within 60 days."

as the causes of this Directive, as reported , it was stated that "the Department is concerned about the relationship between some members of "virus" and Russian intelligence and other state bodies".

Later in the press service of the Russian company said that "the accusations against the "virus" is based on false and inaccurate data."


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