Syria: Markov has estimated prospects of cooperation of Russia and Iran in the middle East


2017-09-13 19:00:18




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Syria: Markov has estimated prospects of cooperation of Russia and Iran in the middle East

Vladimir Putin met with Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Sochi to discuss the situation in the middle East. They discussed the situation in Syria, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, as well as the fight against terrorism.


Engagement in Syria

Federal news Agency addressed to the Director of the Institute of political studies, Sergei Markov for the appreciation of the development of Iran-Russia relations in blignieres term.

"Our position is the same Iran on several issues. First of all, of course, is Syria. Here we stand like an actual military allies, though not perfect.

Our military is widely believed that the Iranians are not quite dependable. It is not only about the political side of things, but also about purely military matters. It and is clear: in Syria, composed of Pro-Iranian groups are fighting not even the Iranians themselves, and mercenaries, Afghans and soldiers of the Lebanese "Hezbollah" — said the expert.

Another interface point between the Russian and Iranian foreign policy interests — the so-called nuclear deal between Washington and Tehran. It is known that the current President of the United States Donald Trump wants her break.

For the sake of maintaining regional stability — Russia is exactly the same as the Iranians want the deal continued to operate.

"part of our Iran positions coincide in the question of opposition to a radical Sunni jihadism in the middle East. All these Islamist movements are supported by the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf. Our Iranian interests are identical in that we want to stop this support," adds mark.



However, between Moscow and Tehran, there are significant points of divergence, continues the analyst. Mainly they lie in the economic sphere.

Over time, they can lead to the growth of divergence between Russia and Iran.

"Russia has long helped Iran to emerge from economic isolation and to terminate the international sanctions. But after the lifting of sanctions the Iranians have closed a lot of very important to us joint economic projects and began to sign contracts with the Americans and the Europeans. This behavior fits a certain anecdotal cunning and treacherous to the East, but not a great international power," — said Markov.

Also, Russia and Iran do not coincide in their assessments of some military groups operating in the middle East. Russia was very critical of a number of movements, officially supported by Iran.

"Finally, and most importantly, we disagree with Iran in the post-war vision of the future of Syria.

Iran, based on its current military aid, wanted to consolidate its dominance over the Syrian leadership and to make Assad as its Junior partner," sums up mark.

Russia may not want a complete withdrawal of the Iranians from Syria, as achieve our "Western partners", however with the ambitions of Tehran, she also did not agree.

"Often, these positions are left unspoken at the official level, the expert concludes. Still one thing — that what the diplomats say, more — specific political analysis" — sums up Sergey Markov.


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