The expert explained why Turkey buys from Russia air defense system against the United States


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The expert explained why Turkey buys from Russia air defense system against the United States

Moscow, September 13. the Decision to purchase Turkey Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 is the reaction of Ankara on the decision of the leadership of the US efforts in Syria, including about the support of the Kurds finances and arms. So the Director and coordinator of middle Eastern studies Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Dmitry Egorenkov.

According to him, Turkey has repeatedly stated that US support for Syrian Kurds is unacceptable for Ankara. "So that Erdogan's reaction was predictable, this was expected," — said the expert of the Federal news Agency.

He suggested that the American leader Donald Trump would like to sell arms to Turkey, however, has a clear position of the US President on this issue.

"the West throws a variety of accusations against the Turkish leadership. In addition, the United States ignored the position and the desire of Turkey in the region, and that Ankara is a very painful subject, added Egorenkov. — A sharp aggravation I do not foresee. But the logic of forcing mutual negative rhetoric will continue."

Earlier, the Pentagon stated willingness to accelerate the delivery Ankara missile defense systems, however, on 12 September, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the country has made the first payment under the contract on delivery of Russian s-400, having explained it unwillingness to wait for Washington's decision and desire to act more independently.


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