Syria: Damascus residents get fresh water tomorrow


2017-01-29 15:00:11




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Syria: Damascus residents get fresh water tomorrow

Damascus, January 29. on Monday in the homes of civilians in Damascus and its suburbs of the Syrian capital will return to drinking tap water: the Governor of the capital province, Ali Ibrahim said that the water flow from the inlet Damascus spring ' ain El-Fiji will be restored Monday, after experts will check its security.

According to the Governor, the supply system of drinking water for Damascus had suffered "minor damage". "After cleaning the tank and measuring the water will be incorporated pumping units", — said Ali Ibrahim.

Recall that the water supply of Damascus was severely limited at the end of December last year, when it became known that the terrorists from the group "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" (a terrorist group banned in Russia) damaged equipment pumping stations and poisoned the drinking water with diesel fuel. In the course of negotiations failed to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of a militant group from the area of ain El-Fiji, and the workers could begin restoring the water supply system.


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