Pushkov advised who called Trump a pig Rihanna look in the mirror


2017-01-29 13:45:04




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Pushkov advised who called trump a pig Rihanna look in the mirror

Moscow, January 29. Senator Alexei Pushkov advised criticized the US President Donald Trump to pop singer Rihanna at first to look in the mirror before you declare immorality of the people.

"All publicly swearing and deliberately exposed, such as Madonna and Rihanna,called Trump's "immoral". It would be better to look in the mirror" — such point of view was expressed by Pushkov in his Twitter account.

Previously, as reported , Madonna swearing swore into the microphone at a rally against Trump. And on Sunday, January 29, it became clear that the Rihanna post in a social network of immigration policy Donald Trump.

Rihanna, known for a penchant for passionate dancing and provocative outfits, has seen fit to call the President "immoral pig."


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