The Communist party has lost former Deputy Boronenkov


2017-01-29 12:45:03




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The Communist party has lost former Deputy Boronenkov

Moscow, January 29. representatives of the Communist party unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with the ex-MP Denis by Voronenkova, who allegedly gave testimony in the Prosecutor's office of Ukraine against former President Viktor Yanukovych.

As reported TASS a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Yuri Afonin, with the Voronenkova no. It is not excluded that appeared earlier in mass-media the version that Voronenkov, together with his family went to Kiev.

"If confirmed, I went to a country which is hostile to Russia (after all, he was the Deputy of the state Duma, member of Committee on security), we from the party point of view, we understand, because it is a very bad situation," said Afonin.

Afonin stressed that Boronenkov had enough time to disprove the information. If Boronenkov really went to the Ukraine, it causes "serious damage of the party and the country," said the Deputy.


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