The group loyal to ISIS militants killed in southern Philippines


2017-01-29 11:30:05




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The group loyal to ISIS militants killed in southern Philippines

Manila, January 29. Armed forces of the Philippines killed at least 15 militants, a local terrorist group associated with the Islamic state and, according to some, was able seriously to injure their leader, known as Abu Abdullah al-Filippini. During the fighting on the southern island of the Philippines used air force and artillery.

As stated by the commander of the force against the terrorist army forces, General Eduardo ANO, leader of the terrorist group "Abu Sayyaf", known for its connections with the Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia by the Supreme court) may die if he will not be given proper medical treatment. According to the military, having been wounded during fighting with the army, the leader of the terrorist group brothers to the Mouth, lost a lot of blood and needs urgent transfusion.

Recall that in recent months in the southern Philippines has dramatically escalated the standoff between Philippine government troops and Islamist groups, after terrorists tried to seize a major city of Davao.


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