The conversation Putin and Trump: first, the fight against terrorism, the division of the world — then


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The conversation Putin and trump: first, the fight against terrorism, the division of the world — then

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday night had his first telephone conversation with newly appointed U.S. President Donald Trump. As reported the press service of the Russian President, the leaders discussed a wide range of issues, including coordination in the fight against terrorism and the restoration of trade-economic relations, and also agreed to support in the future, regular personal contacts.

the Third among the five first in importance

Telephone conversation of Putin with Trump was the third in line of the five interviews with heads of foreign States, the new President of the United States on Saturday. During this "marathon" Trump alternately talked with the heads of Japan, Germany, Russia, France and Australia: the order of interviews was determined by the location of these countries on the terrestrial globe and, as a consequence, the difference in time zones.

According to the press service of the us President, the longest was talk of Trump with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and with the President of the Russian Federation.

it is Worth noting that if the conversation with Merkel Trump was enough to have just one assistant, during his talks with Putin in the oval office of the White house was attended by four high-ranking person.

It was the Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence, assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn, head of the office of White house staff Raines Primus and a key political adviser to the new American leader Stephen Bannon.

This was the first conversation of Putin with Trump after the entry of the latter into the position of President of the United States. As noted in the press service of the Russian President, the conversation took place in a positive and business-like manner. Putin, in particular, has congratulated his counterpart with the official inauguration and wished him success in his future activities.

Agenda of the conversation

Most of the content of the conversation, the two leaders announced the press service of the Kremlin, according to a statement which the leaders of the two countries were discussed topical international problems, including combating terrorism, the situation in the middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, strategic stability and non-proliferation, the situation around the Iranian nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula. Also covered all major aspects of the crisis in Ukraine.

Moreover, it was agreed to establish a partnership on these and other areas.

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the Priority direction of cooperation was defined combining efforts in the fight against the main threat — international terrorism. "The presidents called for the establishment of a real coordination of Russian and U.S. action to defeat Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and other terrorist groups in Syria," — noted in the Kremlin. To the most important aspects of the two leaders attributed the "restoration of mutually advantageous trade-economic ties between business circles of two countries."

during the conversation, Putin and Trump has identified the need for future meetings at the highest level and agreed to instruct the working group to work out possible dates and venue.

The leaders agreed during the conversation to maintain regular personal contacts.

"Donald Trump asked him to convey wishes of happiness and prosperity to the Russian people, noting that the American people sympathetic to Russia and its citizens. Vladimir Putin, in turn, stressed that Russia have similar feelings to the Americans. He reminded that our country for more than two centuries, supported by America, was an ally in two world wars and now considers the United States as a crucial partner in the fight against international terrorism," — said in an official statement.

Possible first steps

on the Basis of joint interest in the Syrian agenda, which sets common goals of Russia and the USA in the elimination of the existence of the terrorist "Islamic state" is likely the first real steps in Russian-American cooperation, you can expect it in the middle East. One of the steps in the first stage can include the exchange of intelligence and coordination of air and artillery strikes on militant positions "Islamic state".

I Must say that so far in Syria in fact, there were two independent coalitions, which were fighting against ISIS.

One, led by Russia and the official Syrian authorities, which included in addition to these participants, Iran and the Lebanese Shiite divisions. And second, the head of which were the United States and which included armed groups of two dozen Western countries, Iraqi troops and Kurdish militias.

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in addition, the dual position was also present to support "moderate" Syrian opposition, which was considered by the previous administration of Barack Obama as a lever to overthrow the legitimate government of the Bashar Assad. In fact, the United States supported these disparate terrorist groups, at least, of the CIA in the matter of intelligence and arms shipments.

the Change in these two aspects of the Syrian agenda is the development of a common coalition and coordination in the fight against "Islamic state" and end of support "moderate" opposition by arms, instructors, and intelligence — may be the first visible step in the implementation of the agreements reached during the recent telephone conversation.

Other themes of the joint agenda of the Ukrainian and Korean issues, the history of the Iranian nuclear program and the regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons — may become more difficult for successive joint implementation, as for each of these issues from the parties there are differences in the positions held. However, a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump gives a good new start for the development of Russian-American relations in all of these complex issues.


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