Visit Trump in the UK may be disrupted because of Prince Charles


2017-01-29 07:45:03




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Visit trump in the UK may be disrupted because of Prince Charles

London, January 29. visit the new U.S. President Donald Trump in the UK may be disrupted in connection with the disagreements between him and Prince Charles, who, as the representative of the Queen of great Britain, is obliged to attend all the ceremonial events. The reason for the conflict between the President and the Prince was disagreement on the question of the problem of global warming, writes the Sunday Times.

If the American President comes to Britain and his meeting with Prince Charles the inevitable — therefore, the representatives of Trump, according to the newspaper, sent to the British leadership of the warning that would be "counterproductive" if Prince Charles will speak about the problem of global warming in the Trump — President can "explode if the pressure on him". Accordingly, the British Prince announced as one of the "key risk factors" in the occasion of the visit of the US President.

Prince Charles came to prominence as one of the most active fighters for the protection of the environment and unspoilt nature and an activist in the fight against global warming.

Trump repeatedly said that he considers this problem a "hoax", and the United States, he said, can come out of the Paris agreement to combat climate change.


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