Senator Kosachev: Germany's Attitude to sanctions can be changed only for the worse


2017-01-28 15:45:09




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Senator Kosachev: Germany's Attitude to sanctions can be changed only for the worse

the New Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Sigmar Gabriel made a statement at the anti-Russian sanctions. The main condition for the abolition of restrictive measures of the EU against Russia is still the implementation of the Minsk agreement and subsequent peaceful settlement of the crisis in the Donbass, he insists. "We in Germany and France stand on a clear position on sanctions. We want the implementation of the Minsk peace agreements.

And this is the only condition for the lifting of sanctions," said Gabriel during a meeting with his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Thus, the new German foreign Minister showed that he was going to defend everything the same course as its predecessor, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The recall, recently resigned as foreign Minister to run for President of Germany.

However, how should you trust your first impression? It is clear that Germany is one of the key EU States. In the issue of the extension or the lifting of sanctions the word Berlin decides. Meanwhile, the geopolitical situation in the world is changing.

Sigmar Gabriel became Minister of foreign Affairs only yesterday: it is possible that he merely repeats the established position of its predecessor. Is it possible that in the coming year Germany's attitude towards the sanctions will change and the head of its diplomatic corps to speak differently?

the Chairman of Committee of Federation Council on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev provided Federal news Agency your prediction on this question.

"In my opinion, the departure of Mr. Steinmeier in presidents of Germany is a loss for the foreign Ministry of Germany, and for European politics in General and for German-Russian relations. Frank-Walter Steinmeier was one of the most sensible and well-intentioned European politicians.

Actually, he still is, but in another capacity. However, German foreign policy, of course, is not so much the Minister of foreign Affairs or President, as the Federal Chancellor and the ruling party — said the Senator. — Because I don't expect that Sigmar Gabriel, the relations between Berlin and Moscow, there will be some changes for the better. Will there be changes for the worse? All things are possible.

But times have others. I think that Germany is no longer one of freedom of maneuver, which she had only a year or two years ago. The outcome of elections in America — this time, the projected outcome of the elections in France is two, the unpredictable outcome of the elections in Germany — three. All this will encourage the German government to cautious decisions without some drastic action.

Therefore, if any changes in the sanctions and will continue to happen, taking into account the personality of the departed Minister and the identity of his successor, these changes, if they are, are not for the better. Although, of course, I do not presume to predict anything for sure".


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