Syria today: IG runs from El-Baba, SAR troops celebrating the victory at Damascus


2017-01-28 14:15:08




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Syria today: IG runs from El-Baba, SAR troops celebrating the victory at Damascus

the is Militants retreat from El-Baba in Tadef. Syria recaptured "Jabhat Fatah al-sham" water source near Damascus. The center for conciliation of the parties conducting humanitarian operations in Aleppo. Russia thanked Kazakhstan for the organization of negotiations in Astana.

Read all about it in the Federal news Agency.


ISIS retreats from El-Baba

the Militants of the "Islamic state" (ISIS, ISIL, is prohibited in Russia — approx. FAN) began to leave their positions in the Syrian city of al-Bab. Unable to withstand the onslaught of the Russian Federation videoconferencing and the Turkish air force, who on January 26 conducted a joint operation against the militants, destroying several control points and knots of communication, terrorists have been forced to move his command center located South of al-Bab city, Tadef. All this is with reference to its sources in the Turkish army according to news Agency Hurriyet.

Recall that Turkey in August 2016, beginning in the North of Syria a military operation, code-named "shield of the Euphrates".

According to the President of Turkey, Erdogan the aim of the operation is the complete cleaning from fighters of "the Islamic state" the territory of 5 thousand square kilometers and the creation of a security zone. With the participation of its allies in the Syrian opposition, the Turkish military has fought off the terrorists border town Dzharablus and at the moment are attack on al-Bab.


Syrian troops regained control over the main source of water near Damascus

the Army of the Syrian Arab Republic regained control of the legitimate authorities of the water station in the village of ain El-Fiji near Damascus, according to the information resource Al Mayadeen. Ain El-Fiji — the largest drinking water reservoir in the vicinity of the Syrian capital. The significance of this victory for the residents of Damascus it is difficult to overestimate.

Terrorists "Jabhat Fatah al-sham" (banned in Russia) seized the village of ain El-Fiji in the valley of Wadi Barada in December last year.

They blew up a water station and picked up the source control.

on 14 January it was reported that Ahmad, Gadban, a retired Syrian General, coordinating governmental efforts on local truce, was shot and killed near ain El-Fiji sniper.


Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria are conducting humanitarian operations in Aleppo

For the past day, Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring sides of the Syrian civil war held six humanitarian actions in Aleppo. All assistance was provided to 4,4 thousand people. The population of Eastern Aleppo were provided with food and issued the Essentials. All residents from six districts recently liberated city was allocated more than 3.8 tons of bread and about 1500 servings of hot meals, write RIA Novosti citing a message from the very Center.


Kazakhstan is ready to new Syrian peace talks in Astana

during a telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for his contribution to the process of political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Organized by the Kazakh talks in Astana have made a significant contribution to the achievement of peace in Syria.

"during today's telephone conversation Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for his great contribution of the partners from Kazakhstan in the organization of and carrying on 23-24 January in Astana an international conference on Syria. Both sides stressed that we have managed to impart a serious impetus to ensure the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict", — is spoken in the official message of the press service of the Kremlin published in this regard.

In turn, President Nazarbayev noted that the settlement of the Syrian civil war should continue to be conducted peacefully. He also expressed the readiness of his country to provide a platform for subsequent inter-Syrian meetings.


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