Under the umbrella of NATO: Norway scares Trump "the Russian threat" the Nobel Committee


2017-01-28 13:45:20




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Under the umbrella of NATO: Norway scares trump

the Norwegian state broadcasting company NRK is accusing Russia of trying to interfere in the Affairs of the Nobel Committee. This is done with reference to anonymous source in the security police of the country. So, supposedly in 2015, Russia has done everything to prevent the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to "honored" him the Nobel peace prize. It was in this story and direct pressure on the Secretary of the Nobel Committee Olav Njolstad — it supposedly went "to talk" two people in mufti, who introduced themselves as Russian diplomats.

Was an attempt to discredit the Nobel Committee itself in case Poroshenko peace prize will give.

In the end, as we remember the Nobel peace prize in 2015 has received President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. It happened, certainly not without the assistance of the Russian intelligence services, insist in NRK. Maybe that's what Santos has done so much to stop its tearing apart the country apart in the civil war, has no meaning. Certainly the prize should go to Poroshenko — and no matter what he did so much to their country to start a civil war!

How can we explain this duck Norwegian state media? This question Federal news Agency turned to Alexander Gusev, political scientist, Director of Institute of strategic planning.

"Now around Russia, of course, a lot of rumors.

This "hacker attack", and that Russia and personally the President Putin victory Trump in US elections, etc. Today's information that Russia, it appears, was pressuring the Nobel Committee is a berry of the same field. Russia has long irritates Western leaders and Western media continue to escalate the situation. All this is a very real fear.

The Scandinavian and Baltic countries, including Norway, are seriously scared of the so-called "Russian threat," notes the political expert.

Even if there is no "Russian threat" no, the arms race provoked this fear of the Baltic States and Scandinavia, has already become a reality. Is the placement of troops and additional weapons systems of NATO in Eastern Europe. The European States included in the block of NATO, are now extremely interested in how to keep military funding and support from the United States. This situation is very profitable for them.

still, for a long time Americans spent significant funds to protect its European allies.

This allowed the Europeans themselves year after year to cut their own defense budgets, directing the saved funds to other needs. It is because now the defence budgets of most European NATO members, for example, all the same in Norway are so small. It's 1-1,5% of GDP or less.

"the Threat that the money will no longer stand out from US, scaring the Norwegians where more than Russia. With NATO, the Americans, in fact, created an umbrella of European security.

This allowed European countries to allocate to their military needs very little money," says Gusev.

Now it is favorable for Europe, the situation threatens to change. The new American President Donald Trump openly stated that there will be more to pay for military accounts of their so-called allies on the European continent. Norway is urgently necessary to demonstrate to Trump that the threat emanating from Russia is a reality and not some fiction. Here all means are good: including the creation of the illusion that Russia is interfering in vnutrisosudistye cases in their own national media.


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