Verses and threats: Mei provokes Trump the cold war with Russia


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Verses and threats: Mei provokes trump the cold war with Russia

the Russian Embassy in London in poetry responded to a recent warning by Prime Minister Theresa may. May, as we know, this Friday advised the new President of the United States Donald Trump "to cooperate, but to beware" of Russia. Soon the Twitter of the Russian Embassy in the UK, there is the following interesting passage:

"Engage but beware"

the Prime Minister said.

As far as we're aware,

the Cold War was long dead.

"Cooperate, but beware," the Prime Minister warned. As far as we know, the Cold war long ago rested", — transferred the appeal to TASS.

well, no matter how funny this episode, his political background, as it seems, also deserves separate consideration.

The Prime Minister really recommend the new national leader of the United States be treated with caution to Russia, and if they come into contact with her leadership, to always speak from a position of strength. Cold war or not, it is clear that the proposed Mae course will not help to reduce political tension in the world.

the question Remains, however: will this anti-Russian appeal is heard in the White house? With him Federal news Agency turned to Vladimir Bruter, the americanist, political columnist, expert of the International Institute of humanitarian-political research. Will the American President, the Council of the British Prime Minister to the heart?

"Between Trump and Teresa may have a fundamental difference. Trump used to determine, that is, on the weight and the cost.

I think that if not the whole of his term, then at least its early years this habit will determine his actions. Trump does not like ideology. Theresa may, in turn, loves them. All this talk about the fact that Russia need to contact a position of strength that it needs to be on guard against Trump, this all sounds like something from the evil one.

For him they are meaningless. From his point of view, if you want to achieve a result, then you have to interact with anyone who aforesaid result can you guarantee" — gives his point of view of the analyst.

Russia is not the enemy of the West and, in a sense, is not even a competitor, he adds. Russia with Western countries now have more in common than different. What is the relationship between them is now realized, in fact, to the cold war — 90% the fault of the Western political establishment, who decided that Russia should always talk from a position of strength, otherwise she will become too strong and begin to threaten you.

Donald Trump, fortunately, does not belong to this overly suspicious of political elites. He needs to understand that the way always, everywhere and with everyone to interact from a position of strength is absurd for the United States in the modern world. This kind of behavior is always, in one degree or another, only leads to new conflicts.

"Now Trump is really worth before selecting. But let's not forget that after his victory in the U.S.

election, he still has some time will have carte Blanche to implement their own ideas. I think he recently said the whole thing regarding anti-Russian sanctions. Sanctions — for the United States is not a thing in itself, but only part of the entire system of relations with Russia. If Moscow fail to agree in whole, and the sanctions will be something completely inappropriate.

If the agreement does not work, then you need not just to renew the sanctions, and generally define an entirely new line of conduct and a new order of relations with Russia. To negotiate, however, is always better" — sums up Vladimir Bruter.


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