Kiev will investigate the desecration of the Polish military cemetery in Bykivnia


2017-01-28 09:45:05




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Kiev will investigate the desecration of the Polish military cemetery in Bykivnia

Kyiv, January 28. The police of Kiev was declared by the Directorate of the Polish military cemetery in Bykivnia, the desecration of the memorial – "the handiwork of Kremlin agents" so that "to investigate his pointless", the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

Reporter FANG with a group of journalists visited the village of Bykivnia (located in Kyiv), where the vandals tried to break the entrance to the Polish part of the cemetery and defaced the memorial with the inscriptions "SS Galicia" and "OUN-UPA" (both organizations are banned in Russia). The incident occurred on the night of 25 January.

the memorial was seriously injured – told a FAN the Director of the cemetery, the attackers, whose number is estimated at 7-10 people, used a powerful Jack, which could tip the convoy of the Polish part of the memorial.

in addition, used a very durable paint that has not yet been able to wash away the employees of the cemetery.

the Director also said, citing witnesses that the attackers were very brazen, and not afraid of protection.

"These nationalists are always armed, they are very dangerous, can kill anything. Our security is not armed, it is ordinary people. To confront these criminals have the police," said the Director.

however, he said that the police on the following day came for the inspection of the scene, but immediately said that "there is nothing to investigate" because "it is obvious that it did Kremlin agents", "who immediately went back to Moscow."

The press service of the Kiev police issued a statement that a criminal case under article "violation of equality of citizens depending on their racial, national belonging or religious beliefs".

However, it failed to give answers to the questions: who is investigating this case, why not a survey of witnesses who are suspected in the crime. According to local residents, such incidents in the cemetery occur regularly and never the perpetrators were not found.

this time, However, the Polish foreign Ministry has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a diplomatic note demanding to investigate the case and find the Defiler of graves.

For Ukraine, another trick of nationalists is a serious image loss. The last three years, the authorities literally kowtowed to its Western neighbour.

So, even the cars of the Kiev metro was repainted for promotional purposes, promoting Poland.

But the reality looks different – the poles and the Ukrainians are increasingly fighting. It is possible that the act of vandalism at the cemetery in Bykivnia is the response of radicals to the events of December last year, when the Polish veterans who fought with the nationalists of the OUN-UPA, marched along the border with Ukraine the city of Przemysl, in protest against the rehabilitation of Nazism in neighboring Ukraine.

In the incident, the SBU banned for 5 years of the entry into the country, the mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa that in Poland caused a flurry of jokes about the meaninglessness of the idea to travel to Ukraine.

After that, the security Service of Ukraine abolished the ban on the entry of Robert Homa. This was reported by press Secretary of the Ukrainian security services Elena Gitlyanskaya.


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