Trump hopes for a fantastic relationship with Putin


2017-01-28 03:00:04




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Trump hopes for a fantastic relationship with Putin

Washington, January 28. is Not that good and constructive, and a fantastic relationship with Vladimir Putin hopes Donald Trump. The President said the United States is not a press conference after a meeting with Prime Minister of great Britain.

"I hope that we will have a fantastic relationship, I think that it is possible", — quotes the words of the American leader. While Trump is aware that the dialogue may fail.

In the first place the joint close cooperation should begin in the sphere of combating terrorism, in particular — banned in Russia by the Islamic state.

"It is an evil that must be stopped," said Trump.

At the same time, answering journalists ' questions about the removal of anti-Russian sanctions, the US President declared that while early to speak about this aspect, but certainly it is necessary to strive. "Ideally, we hope to have good relations with all countries", — concluded the American leader.


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