Syria news 27 Jan 19.30: the Syrian army continues to advance on Palmyra, the IG tries to get hold of Raqqa


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Syria news 27 Jan 19.30: the Syrian army continues to advance on Palmyra, the IG tries to get hold of Raqqa

Syria, January 27. the Syrian army offensive continues in HOMS province for the liberation of Palmyra, ISIS* tries to stop the offensive of the "Democratic forces of Syria"**** in Raqqa. It is reported by a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Marzouk Ahmad).


Damascus Province

In Eastern Guta of Damascus, the Syrian army continues to increase pressure on armed Islamists. The artillery of government troops shelled rebel positions in the area of human settlements EN-Nachabe, Asrama and Hosh al-Salihiya. This is reported by local activists.

Recall that yesterday the Syrian army has achieved considerable success in the attack in the Eastern province, setting full control over the settlement of al-Kazimiya.

In the province of Wadi Barada, North-West province, the government troops continue an offensive in the direction occupied by the Islamists of the village of Ayn al-Figg's, where the militants holding the station of the water supply by 80%, which provides water to Damascus.

most of the villages of the valley, meanwhile, had returned to civilian life after losing the support of their fighters joined the agreement about a cease-fire, a result has been pardoned or has left the territory of the province.


Province of Latakia

In the Northern part of the Latakia governorate, government forces shelled positions of armed groups in the mountains of the Turkmen.

In General, the situation in the province remains stable.


Province of Aleppo

In the area under the control of the ISIS city of al-Bab in the North-East of the province of Aleppo, died a peaceful citizen as a result of wounds received two months ago in the explosion of terrorists laid mines.

Local activists have reported that the military planes, the identity of which was not known, struck this morning strikes on the positions of militants in the village of al-Murabba.

In the vicinity of the village of al-Madiun, which government forces recaptured the day before the terrorists, the militants missile strike knocked out a Syrian army tank. This is reported by the controlled group media, but official confirmation has yet been received.

Government troops continue offensive against the militants to free the town of al-Bab, a stronghold of the largest group in the region.

Another source of tension in the province is the differences between armed forces that have fallen in recent days in a full-scale military confrontation. Local activists report that in the North-Western suburbs of Aleppo al-Lermon, Dahrat Abu al-RAB and Al-Zahra, the Islamists of "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham"*** surrounded the militants "Free Syrian army" (FSA)** Turkey-backed armed groups, and demanded that they lay down their arms.

there are also reports that government troops supporting troops of the Lebanese Hezbollah shelled the positions of militants in the region.

In the Western part of the province in the city of al-Ataribe was a demonstration of local residents, demanding that the militants "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" immediately leave town.


HOMS governorate

the East of HOMS province, the Syrian Arab army continues an offensive against the ISIS to liberate Palmyra.

Fierce fighting in the vicinity of station No. 4, in the vicinity of the military airport Al-Tifor (T-4) Syrian activists have reported on the increasing casualties on both sides.

the Syrian air force struck blows to positions of terrorists in the vicinity of Palmyra and the town of Al-Sukhna.

The artillery of the government troops fired on concentrations of terrorists in the area of oil fields Shair and Arak, and in the vicinity of the military airport Al-Tifor.

In the Northern part of the province, where in the first half of the day was recorded in active military operations, the artillery of government troops shelled rebel positions in the area of the village al-Hula.

under the control of the Syrian government in HOMS this morning unknown, was shot by a law enforcement officer, further details have not yet been reported.


Province of Dar

under the control of the "Free Syrian army" locality Tapas in the North-Western part of the province of Dar gunman brutally beat 15-year-old. This was reported to UK-based "Syrian Observatory for human rights", citing local sources.

the cause of the incident was a fight between the victim and the son of action movie. The boy was arrested, after which the father beaten, the commander of the guard, "took revenge" for their offspring, exposing the teen torture. The boy's body left bruising.

Due to this incident, the situation in the village became more complicated, the locals openly Express their protest against the excesses of the militants.

Simultaneously receives information about the exchange of prisoners between the Syrian army and one operating in the area of armed groups.

As agreed in the result of negotiations, the Syrian government released captured 9 insurgents in exchange for the release of a group of POWs. Additional details not reported.



In the village of Khan Sheyhun in the South of Idlib aircraft, allegedly belonging to VKS RF, struck two blows at the former headquarters of militant group "Jund al-Aqsa".

In the area of human settlements Isim and Ad-Dana in the mountains of Jabal al-Zawiya in the Northern province of renewed violent clashes between militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" on the one hand and the Islamist groups "Ahrar al-sham" and "Sukur al-sham" on the other.

the Militants "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" attempt to establish control over the settlements.

Recall that in the last days of disagreements between the armed Islamist groups in the province resulted in large scale war. According to government media, 35 militants "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" were killed in clashes with Islamists "Jaish al-mujahidin (Army of the Mujahideen") and "Sukur al-sham" ("falcons of the Levant").


Province of raqqa

the is Militants are struggling to contain the offensive of the troops of the "Democratic forces of Syria" (SDF), which supported the coalition air force has conducted in the West province of raqqa operation "Wrath of the Euphrates".

the Terrorists opened three spillway on the Euphrates dam and flooded the outskirts of raqqa, the "capital of Caliphate". This was reported by the newspaper "Izvestia" Brigadier General of the Syrian army the Turks Hasan.

Earlier it was reported that the militant group has forced the owners of stores located on major streets of Raqqa, to build their institutions of barricades a height of 1.5 meters of sandbags, ready for street fighting with the Kurdish fighters.


Province of As-Suwayda

"National defense forces" (NDF)****** with the support of the employees of the Syrian security forces have eliminated a "sleeping" cell of jihadists near the town of As-Suwayda.

Several militants were arrested, others resisted and were eliminated. This is reported by the Syrian media.



the international coalition air force destroyed the camp of the IG in the village of al-Qaim in Anbar governorate on the border with Syria. Was killed 16 terrorists and weapons caches. Reported about it in interview to TV channel "Al-Sumaria" a representative of the Iraqi General staff.

command Representative stressed that this operation was performed in preparation for the liberation of the village from the terrorists.

it Should be noted that in the town of al-Qaim is a refugee camp, where civilians second year languishing under the yoke of the is militants.

According to testimony escaped from the camp witnesses, the terrorists periodically make an example of execution chosen at random "traitors".


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