Zhirinovsky: We are not asking Trump about the lifting of sanctions


2017-01-27 17:30:11




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Zhirinovsky: We are not asking trump about the lifting of sanctions

the News that the new President of the United States Donald Trump is ready to fulfill his campaign promises regarding the improvement of relations with Russia, and that his team has already prepared a draft decree on the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, Federal news Agency commented the leader of the LDPR faction in the State Duma of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

"Trump is distinguished from all his predecessors — the presidents of the United States over the past 30 years — his pragmatism, — said Vladimir Zhirinovsky in an interview to the correspondent of the FAN. — Trump does not make long speeches about the common good, and really, really wants to work for most Americans. He came to the defense of the white majority, which began to feel depressed in recent years, he has promised to deliver US from impending over the country of threats of uncontrolled migration from the South, the risks associated with the withdrawal of U.S. industry abroad, especially in China.

He is taking the steps that actually improve the lives of Americans."

According to the politician, the attitude of the tramp toward Russia and its intent to improve Russian-American relations should benefit the American people.

"the lifting of sanctions against Russia is absolutely in the same vein, — the head of the liberal democratic party. — Trump and his analysts calculated how many billions, if not trillions of dollars spent on the confrontation with Russia, the "color revolutions", for rocking the middle Eastern and African regimes, and, as they say, to tears. It's obvious that to have a normal working relationship with Russia, to trade, to eliminate all of the risks that generate losses is much more profitable. Trump said before the election that sanctions may be revised, he said after the victory, and now his assistant confirms that the possibility of lifting sanctions are discussed".

But Russia is not in the posture of supplicant, say, cancel, please, sanctions are primarily needed by the United States, said the politician.

"however, we do not ask.

Us sanctions only helped, for example, has raised all our agriculture. But as the improvement of world trade, the normalization of international relations, of course, in the future, we must abandon mutual sanctions," — said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.


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